the dog ate my…

When I was a kid, we used to joke at the foolish sounding excuse “the dog ate my homework” – until we were in a place where that was our only excuse. Come on, be honest, at one time or another you too were probably in a situation where your dog ruined your ability to turn in an assignment. For me, I believe my dog actually pee’d on my notebook. For my youngest son, well our dog actually chewed up the textbook. I hadn’t actually thought about the dog excuse until last week when…

My dog ate my laptop.”

Okay, okay. I am exaggerating; he barely put an indent on the glass screen. But, within minutes of the incident, my entire screen went black.

Until COVID-19, I never would have imagined leaving my laptop computer on the floor and look away for even a second – especially with a new puppy around. Yet, practicing yoga via zoom has been the new norm for 4 months now. Young Kobe has been in the room with me and my computer for 3+ weeks with incidents only of another nature.

I’m a fool, I guess. For I somehow pictured being able to have my pup and practice too. I didn’t foresee my oldest son (the other earlier riser in the family) suddenly feeling independent enough to move out. It’s all good but my practice has changed considerably.

If you catch a glimpse or two of my yoga practice these days, I hope that you are not too distracted by it all.  If you wonder why I even bother to practice while my puppy is in the room with me, it is because it is my only option. As to why I join the zoom, the reason will vary depending on when you ask me. On some days, I will tell you that in doing so I am still held accountable to at least try to maintain some sort of yoga practice. Other days, I may tell you that I am doing it to support my fellow teachers and community or it is an attempt to show the pup the routine – with the hopes that he will co-exist with it in time (hopefully not TOO much time).

Anyway, suffice to say that my world has turned upside down once again. Nonetheless, I still hope to eek out some videos now and again for you. In fact, I recorded and posted one just before the laptop incident – even though I am headless for much of the standing portion. There is another (post-incident) video on my phone which will be processed in uploaded once I have my laptop back from repairs.


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