Lessons learned


As the end of 2023 approaches, I wonder where the heck this year went. I am also wondering what happened to my asana practice. *sigh* I mean, in January, I was doing Third Series more regularly. I went to Encinitas to study with Manju Jois and emerged motivated and encouraged that I could work out the kinks in my practice. A month later, when David Swensen came to the studio my body was starting to communicate some not-so-positive feedback to me. Although nothing intense, parts of my body were feeling new aches and pains (left hip, shoulders, right elbow). On the last day of David’s visit, I emerged from Eka Pada Sirsasana with an intense pulling from my neck and under my left scapula. *sigh*

My practice waxed and waned through the next few months. Third Series came and went again and again. My left shoulder and right elbow took turns distracting me from moving forward like I had hoped. I was happy just to practice at all. Then, it happened.

We were in the process of building our garage gym — squat rack, barbell, plyometric box, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, etc. It was pretty sweet but I wanted a padded floor. So, on July 1st, our padded flooring finally came. I moved all of the equipment over, rolled out the flooring, and began returning the equipment back to their new-padded spots. My youngest only had time to help me with the rack at THAT time. He was available after work, but I would have to wait. Well, if you know me, you know that I was pretty sure I could do the rest all on my own. And I did. However, not without a 35 pound dumbbell tumbling in the air and pinning my fingers between the flying dumbbell and a stack of DC Blocks. Suffice to say that I broke a finger in my dominant hand at the distal joint, and strained the neighboring fingers. *groan*

Well, I wore a splint for 3 full months while my finger healed. When my finger was freed, I jumped back into my practice a little too enthusiastically (read: agressively). Mid-September, I resumed Third Series (even though I wasn’t 100%) and tried to modify where I could. I knew it wasn’t optimal but I kept at it — trying to stay positive. I told myself that my come-back was just going to take time. In October, after taking a few days off with a cold, I decided to drop my efforts at doing Third Series. I know it will be there whenever (IF ever) I am ready to meet up with it again.

Which brings us to today.  Although I am still working through it, I feel a wee bit better about the journey. I’ve been working with a trainer to identify and correct imbalances, as well as improve my overall strength. It’s not even the half of the work I’ve been doing this year to mitigate the aging process taking me out of commission. I don’t mind doing the work; I just wish the benefits felt a more noticable.

As for the lessons learned, well… for starters, I could ask for help and maybe be a little more willing to wait for it. PATIENCE, I think that’s what it’s called.


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