Okay Enough

As the date got closer to my longtime plans to return to practice with Manju Jois and Greg Tebb at the No Stress Shala (aka Manju’s garage), I became apprehensive about going. Although we are taught not to judge our practice as good or bad, I find myself disappointed in the limitations of my body more often than not. In truth, Manju doesn’t care what my practice looks like. He is there to provide a supportive environment for therapeutic yoga. If anything, I really should have been thinking of going to see Manju as a MUST. I have just been a bit stuck.

All of the ailments of 2023, (the right shoulder, elbow & finger, left hip, and SI joint) had been improving. I had dedicated a lot of time and resources to the recovery and stablization efforts. As a result, I was having to modify a lot less often than before. Still, I was apprehensive.  Of course, there was no need to be worried.

After our first night at the Comfort Inn (previously the Quality Inn), Eva deemed the accomodations as “okay enough”. We each had a bed, the rooms each had a locking door, and we might not have even known that the sheriff was paying a visit to the room a few doors down from us if we hadn’t left while they were there. The term “okay enough” would be brought up many times during the week — keeping us light hearted and amused. And I would walk into the “no stress shala” with the notion that my asana practice was indeed “okay enough”.

The thing is, once I shifted to being “okay enough”, all my judgement melted away. If I messed up, I laughed at myself. I allowed others to encourage and compliment me without second-guessing. I had fun and let the Manju magic do it’s thing.

The week went by way too fast. Our days at the shala were filled with asana practice, followed by pranyama, chanting, and yummy home-cooked vegetarian meals. We learned new ways to assist others’ in many different asanas.

During the rest of the time in lovely Encinitas, CA. we:

  • drank LOTS of coffee,
  • laughed a whole lot,
  • hiked,
  • visited Eva’s handstand coach,
  • saw the sea lions in San Diego,
  • window-shopped & people-watched,
  • basked in the sun,
  • wadded through large puddles of rain,
  • and ate and ate and ate (even dessert, thanks to Shelly’s encouragement).

All in all, the trip was just what I needed. It was “okay enough” and so much more, of course.


  1. Shelly Dorai-Raj on March 14, 2024 at 6:08 pm

    I love seeing this trip through your eyes.

    • Juls on March 18, 2024 at 5:53 pm

      It was really fun traveling with you, Shelly.

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