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Julie’s introduction to yoga in 2010 began with the thought that it would be a “good stretch” to compliment her marathon training. Her body was tight and chronically sore. She quickly found that yoga was much more than stretching. Yoga armed her with the tools to navigate the stress of life in Silicon Valley. It also served as a path to further healing from the loss of her husband.

When Julie was introduced to the ashtanga yoga she somehow knew that it was right for her in spite of the numerous forward folds which friends thought would worsen her diagnosed chronic back pain. Through her mysore practice she was able to meet her discomfort each day on the mat and saw that, like the shapes made in doing the asanas, the discomfort showed up differently each day as well. The ashtanga yoga method, with the tristana (breath, posture and gaze), gave Julie the ability to find some separation from the discomfort, helped her to transform, and to further her healing.

With her yoga teacher training certification, Julie is able to share her passion for the ashtanga yoga method with others. As a student first, Julie’s six-day-a-week practice informs her teaching and inspires enthusiasm for the practice. Her practice has been influenced by a number of ashtanga yoga teachers including Tim Miller (Timji), David Garrigues, Mojdeh Zahiraleslamzadeh, Erika Abrahamian, Leigha Nicole, and many others.

In addition to yoga, her other play includes spending time with her sons, obstacle course racing (OCR), hiking/backpacking, running, and all things outdoors.

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