Reflections of 2020 (so far)

As I think back to the approach of this year, I held a bit of uneasiness which I didn’t quite understand. I chalked it up to the consideration of whether or not to “put myself out there” again after almost a year of learning to be with myself. I never thought the year would unfold as it has. 20/20 has been fought with the pandemic, racial injustice and protests, hurricanes, wildfires…and the election! My high-level words of description do not begin to describe the reality of what is going on in these current times.

I am not alone when I pray for the year to be behind me, yet am afraid of what the next will hold. The uncertainty feels a lot like the feeling I faced after my husband, Tom died. I feared that we’d lose the house we saved everything to buy, feared my teenage son’s rebellious behavior would take him from me too, and I feared for the my youngest who had nightmares of not waking up. Meanwhile, Mr. Goodneighbor spotlighted his own belief that God would not give me such challenges if I couldn’t handle them. I appreciated the reminder of my faith. I prayed and faced my fears with my best self. Thankfully, we are all still okay.

I believe that, in what remains of this year, we must work together (albeit from our place of shelter) to be our very best selves: PRAYing for, HELPing out one another, listening, sharing, educating, & learning, and each of us going out to VOTE. We cannot afford to wait for this year to end in order to start again. We must be our best selves and make the changes happen now.

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