Just Different

Ashtangis are often told to refrain from judging their practice. It is neither good OR bad; it just is. So today, when my son asked me how my yoga practice was, I told him that it was different.

Quite naturally, he asked me to elaborate. How was it different? Was it fun? Did you feel good or do something exceptionally well? The answer was yes AND no. Like any day, there were times when I felt good…but times when I didn’t. There were parts that were fun and other parts that were downright hard.

It was different.


Child’s Play


Today, make time to play. -Na’ama Yehudi

Time Passes

This post was held up in my draft posts. I guess I never finalized in published it. Although I intend to keep the original publication date, the two month mark is now way behind us; it’s now nearly eight months since Erika left us. Mojdeh is no longer “our new teacher”.  She is simply “our teacher.”


Just Deserts

These days I’ve been partaking in a few too many sweets. Although I do not believe that I am eating more sweets than I was a year ago, the quantity is surely more than my metabolism is able to burn. My middle is getting thicker; therefore, further challenging my ability to catch my hands in the asanas which require a bind by Ashtanga tradition.

I guess you could say that I’m getting my “just deserts” from eating too many desserts.

I have been trying to do something about the weight gained since circling the menopausal drain. For several months now, I’ve been hitting the gym with more regularity. In turn, my shoulders (etc.) are tighter and, you guessed it, I am further challenged.

Then there are the hormones which I recently started in an effort to get some sleep. While these help one aspect of my life (and practice), they also have a known side effect of weight gain. This means that I MUST learn to say “NO” to the numerous invitations to enjoy these sweet, yummy desserts.


Of course, we all know that it isn’t about the binds. It’s not even about the twists or backbends. It’s about the journey.



Seventh Series and Beyond

It’s one thing to be dedicated to our daily practice when everything just clicks into place. But when life [sh!t] happens and get complicated, getting to the mat takes a little more work.

Without going into details, I’ll just say that I’ve been experiencing more than one of life’s challenges in the past month. Not only has it been tough getting my time to practice, it has also been emotionally challenging to simply BE on my mat. The practice has a way of pointing my emotional compass right to the emotional graveyard of my psyche. How’s that for Dristhi?


This week, I’ve managed to shift my schedule so that I arrive at the studio ahead of everyone else. I roll out my mat in a room barely lit by the lights from outside. The peaceful quiet is sweet.

With no time to dawdle, I move through my practice with purpose, pausing to find activation of the muscles which refuse to wake early. ALL of Me is required for the practice.

And when my time is up, I roll up my mat and get on with it. No complaints. It is what it is.

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