My asana practice feels like it is getting eaten up by tiny but sharp little teeth. And my home is in danger of the same. Sleep? Well, that falls into the same category.

We woke just after 5 am. This was a nice change from the pattern we have been on this past week. However, the shift in Kobe’s sleep-wake cycle means his naps shift as well. So, I did my surya namaskars and half of the standing poses in the backyard while he did his morning elimination and outdoor exploration. The stakes were raised in utthita hasta padangusthasana, which has never easy for me, as he curled up beside my standing leg. We did primary series today as I feel the need for more grounding these days. Although, I did add in some intermediate when I thought I could get away with a little more practice time (now on zoom with my sangha).

Tummy down backbends around a sharp-toothed canine (no matter how small) are risky business. It seems that Kobe is less interested in the sounds coming from the computer now that he is used to the routine. As a result, the excitement of my fingers and toes finally being at mouth level is rather exciting to this young fellow. I navigate carefully, and take it outside at the start of the all-to-familiar whine at the screen door.

At some point, it feels like it is time to wrap it up: like I am either risking full destruction of my home-sweet-home OR being a bad puppy owner. Neither are true; I am just worn out already. So I move to the closing part of the practice and then, it seems, Kobe does too. He is still in savasana on my mat.

I am making modifications, trying to let go of the attachment to my normal routine, and enjoying moments like this — when this little biting whirlwind of a cutie is quietly resting. I guess this is why puppies are so cute.

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