Top Shelf

After a few hours of perusing the royalty-free music available on the internet, I was completely at a loss. All I needed was 5-10 seconds of fun, unique audio – WHY was it so hard to find? After mentioning it to my son, he suggested using music from DAV @activepoet, a friend who’s music is up-and-coming AND has been quite generous with letting him use it in his personal training and workout videos. The problem was that, although I loved many of his songs, I didn’t want lyrics for my what I was creating: an intro piece for my videos on YouTube. And I didn’t know the musician, Wooshay, who does the instrumental part of the song. “No problem”, my son assured, “I’ll just ask him.”

He sent the message and, much to my surprise, received a response within a few minutes. “Tell me which song and I’ll send it to her.” WOW! Choosing the song took a little longer as I wanted to consider all of his music while trying to mentally strip away the words from the sound. In the end, my first thought was the one I went with.

Official Title: Top Shelf – Wooshay, Dav @activepoet, & Slvmm
The resulting intro came out really nice. Using mostly stills from my everyday practice over the past many years. I also included one short video component of me falling out of a failed attempt at karandavasana. I felt it was important to include this because, let’s face it, I am real. Like everyone else, I have my strengths AND I have my weaknesses. Keeping a nice balance in these two aspects of the practice is the message that I am trying to portray. With this honest approach to the practice, we can place our practice of yoga on the Top Shelf.

This is my latest creation which includes the new intro.

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