Keeping Up with the Count

A couple weeks ago, I subbed a Led Half Primary Series Class for Beginners. There was a question in the chat that I didn’t see until everyone was in savasana and the person who wrote it had already dropped off. She commented how often her breath doesn’t seem to synch up with the teacher’s count in Ashtanga classes. She asked if she should try to quicken her breath or if it’s okay to just be in the state of the pose for only 3-4 breaths.

Of course, the following morning I would be in the traditional Led Primary Series class experiencing this very thing that student asked about. In parts of the practice, I’d still be working to get the bind as the count would begin. Sometimes, I can let it go but other times my attachment to both the bind and the 5 breaths easily gets the best of me. I know I can linger here and catch up with the class in downward facing dog or I move on with the rest of the class knowing that those 2 breaths will be there tomorrow.

Later on in the practice, the count seems to slow way down. I check in to see if I can deepen my breath a bit. Maybe her 15 breaths will equal 20 of mine (instead of 25). Either way, it’s all good. Maybe it’s my longtime athlete mindset, but I don’t mind the difference here as much as when I am behind.

Later in the day, when all of my meetings seemed to be going way overtime, I had to turn my attention to my breath while trying to continue smiling for the camera. Some days, it’s not easy having to portray my best face on the computer for hours on end. My eyes burn and head aches at the end of the work day.  It’s true; a year into this pandemic-living and I am still trying to adapt.

Whether I am on my mat practicing yoga, or just doing my everyday living, this too is practice. I breathe in and out…and sometimes I can keep up with the count. Other times, not so much. It’s all okay.

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