When Called to Serve

Less than an hour after teaching my test out class to officially get my JOY of Yoga 200h Teaching Certification, I was asked to start a class for a teacher who had gotten caught in traffic due to a big accident on Highway 17. “It will be about 30 minutes,” she said, “just teach them what you just taught us. You’ll do fine.” I laugh nervously but wasn’t going to say “no” for they needed me and I just cited a quote in my test out about being called upon to teach.

When we are called to serve, we need to act as if we are qualified — even when we think we are not truly capable.” – Jennifer Prugh, Founder of Breathe Together Yoga.

When I spoke of this feeling of being called to serve, I was thinking about (1) my teacher needing assistance with our Mysore Program, and (2) about a request to substitute/guest teach at a new Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Los Altos. I never dreamed I’d be called to pop into a Vinyasa Yoga class to teach. Still, a calling is a calling. And I am not one to leave someone in need of help if I have something to offer.

So…I did it!  I rolled out my mat at the front of the class and introduced myself. I explaining that their teacher was delayed but on her way, and that I there to hold the space for her until she arrived, adding that I was going to get them started with a few sun salutations and a sampling of the ashtanga primary series.

I taught for about 50 minutes then welcomed their regular teacher into the space when she arrived. Upon leaving the room, I had already begun a list of inner critique for my teaching. This included not learning anyone in the room’s name. *frown* I heard the class clapping as I left and knew it could mean one or two things: Either they were happy with my teaching OR they were relieved that their teacher had made it there. Nonetheless, I held my head high in knowing that I had done my best — and next time will try to do even better.


  1. Juls on August 16, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    Day after Post Note
    I saw one of the students from the class this morning. I asked him his name and how he was feeling today. He smiled and said he was sore in some places that aren’t usually sore. I nodded saying that I had a similar experience when I began my mysore practice. I added that the block I had given him during class was a modification that I had used in my early days of practicing ashtanga.

    He said that he considered trying mysore but was afraid because he didn’t know the sequence. Of course, I told him that mysore is where you go to learn it and that it would be great if he were to give it try sometime.

  2. Tilde on August 23, 2019 at 10:41 am

    This is one of my favorite Juls posts… there is a wide open calling ahead of you, and it’s so good to see you on your way. With grateful love…

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