Ten Days

Ten days and counting ‘till my next 100 hour teacher training session. I am cautiously optimistic about the progress I’ve made in healing from my latest injury. At this point, I’m trying to regain stability (on and off the mat) and rebuild strength. Of course it all boils down to a whole lot of self awareness.

Funny, I vaguely remember that “self awareness” was my little word(s) of the year. And where, you may ask, has that gotten me?

Well, I have certainly questioned the direction of my thought, words, and actions a lot this year. The process of trying to stay true to the “right path” – or discover it – has certainly brought me more awareness to areas that could use more of my attention. Even in navigating this injury, I have become more aware of just how valuable “right” thoughts, words, and actions can be.

Obviously, misinterpreting the body’s tightening as merely the result of emotional stress, therefore responding with more stretching and trying to push through it was a detrimental wrong action. But let’s take a look at thoughts: negative or positive, they have tremendous power. They can be the difference between curling up in a ball and crying it out (which I too have done), or figuring out who or what can help you.

Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right but… a few wrong mistakes can lead to a valuable lesson learned. Of course you have to learn from your mistake or it’s not quite the same. I’ve learned A LOT but I still have a lot yet to learn. If I never end up teaching yoga formally, I still think all of my yoga teacher training will help me to lead others in one way or another.

Therefore, as I pull things together for my upcoming training (carpool schedules, meals, reading, RECOVERY, etc.), I intend to do my best to maintain a clear sense of direction and positivity – even when I fall short in attaining my original goal. This is my path; it’s up to me to make it “right” [for me].

Let’s do it. Ten Days!!

Note: I’m still hoping that I will teach in the future.

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