Dedicated to the One I Love

It was another tough practice: a humbling, difficult, painful sort of practice.

Coming out of savasana, I roll onto my side and dedicate the benefits of my practice to my son.  He’s been on my mind a lot lately. As he prepares for another trip overseas which will potentially put him into danger far beyond the farthest extent of my imagination. Although I try not to think of all of the horrible ways (physical, mental, spiritual) he could be affected, I am currently struggling to remain positive in this regard. Although I know I must stay positive, the process is difficult at best.

As I lay here, I reflect on the difficulties that I bumped up against in today’s practice and, as I offer up the benefits to my son, pray that somehow my ability to stay the course, and to not let the tearful moments defeat me will help my son do the same.

With my eyes still closed, I push up to seated with my hands in front of my heart in anjali mudra. I give thanks and pray for  strength.

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