Why Keeping Balance?

You might be asking yourself why I chose to name my blog Keeping Balance when it seems that I am always seeking to find the balance. It’s true. I am the gal who wobbles like there is no tomorrow in many of the standing balance poses – especially if I have been asked to stand on my right leg. Then again, this is often the case on my left leg as well.

Much like a runner’s quest is often focused on keeping up with the set pace, a yogi or yogini is often seeking to find balance on and off the mat. In the same way a runner might feel some sort of exhilaration at hitting their goal pace, perhaps qualifying to run in the famed Boston Marathon, the yogi too enjoys the feeling of being in balance. I am learning to not get attached to being balanced but simply to enjoy the experience for what it is. Tomorrow will be different. Good or bad, I will seek to find balance and enjoy the process of wobbling in and out of it. When I find it, my goal is to simply acknowledge the feeling of keeping balance for as long as I am graced with it.

For, just like the experience of keeping pace long enough to hit my goal of Boston Qualification, the thrill of finally getting there (after 9 years and 17 marathon attempts) was all the more precious due to the effort I put into getting there. Keeping balance is not just an item on my bucket list; it is a lifelong goal. I hope that you will enjoy coming along on this journey with me.