Lost Bandhas

I was given the green light to return to yoga. Actually, it is more like a flashing yellow light which me entering the intersection with caution. But still…

Dr. Pedersen, my chiropractor, reviewed the primary sequence with me. Together, we discussed an approach to utilize in my return to practice. The poses which should be skipped, at this point, and poses to pay close attention to pushing too far. Similar to my bout with SI issues in January, careful attention to limit spinal flexion (aka tailbone tucking) is the current game. In addition, special attention to supporting my spine with the aid of my bandhas is a must.

There’s just one problem…I seem to have misplaced them.


Believe me, once you experience the usefulness of bandhas in your yoga practice, you become hooked. For me, they are the glue that holds me together — attaching my stomach to my spine and providing a nice brace for safe movement. The marionette like lifting that they provide is also nice (however I am still learning how to harness my strings to the ceiling for floaty jump-backs and jump-throughs).

Since they are so essential, I am asking for some help. Knowing that I am limited in my ability to launch into a full practice, and that I cannot allow a lot of spinal flexion until I have fully engaged my abdominals, if you have any tips on strengthening them, please  share in the blog comments section immediately following this post.

I do have a nice trick that my Chiropractor has given me  that involves lying supine on my mat with a folded up blood pressure cuff in the small of my back. With abdominals engaged, the cuff is pumped up to 40 mm Hg. The trick is to breathe but not let the pressure fall. Once mastered, assymetrical movement of the legs (lifting one at a time) is added. I haven’t gotten there yet.

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