a fine mess i got myself into

You know how when you are hurting,

And it feels like you need to stretch an area of your body…

Because it’s really, really, REALLY TIGHT?

Well, that was what I had been feeling these past many weeks.


I was stretching, and stretching, and stretching…

And still it felt like I was getting worse and worse and worse.

Tighter and tighter and TIGHTER!

Which, of course, comes with PAIN.


Apparently, the tightening was my body’s way of protecting me.

It was trying to help keep me stabilized by tightening.


And when I would stretch it out,

I’d become more unstable, more in pain,

and my body would tighten even more to try to help return to stabilization.


It just couldn’t do anymore.

My ligaments, like over stretched rubber bands, have been rendered useless.

And *I* did that to myself.

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