Correct Perception?

As I age, it is all too easy for me to get caught up in the things and parts of myself that are just not the same. Whether it is a physical pain/discomfort that I am feeling, an inability to perform a physical movement (such as a pull up or particular asana), or the broken garage door that has me parking my car outside.

These changes are just that: changes. They aren’t necessarily good or bad. They just are.

Sometimes we think things are one way…

…when, in fact, they are not as perceived. This morning, I took this photo of me in trikonasana. Actually, I took two photos. One of me on my good side and this photo, which I almost didn’t take, of me on my bad side. I probably should have saved the first shot as it was not as fabulous as I had judged. It felt great but it didn’t look so great from an alignment perspective. As for this side, I had already judged my inability to perfect the asana on this (my 2nd side). Therefore, I just let the pose manifest into what felt like a nice place for my body to inhabit for the 30 second countdown. It turns out, my body knew best.


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