balancing act

I stood at the head of the class, practicing tree pose along with my students yet acutely aware that my tendency for wobbling in and out of the pose could throw them off balance. I verbalized how sometimes it’s all too easy to do what comes effortlessly while avoiding what doesn’t. Acknowledging that balancing on a single leg was NOT one of my effortless areas of the practice, I opted to practice what I was preaching.

After class, I headed to the gym for my last workout of the year 2019. This past year, in particular, I have found it beneficial to balance out the flexibility gained from my practice with targeted strengthening in the gym. Although I am always sore, my reliance on anti-inflammatories and icepacks has lessened. Of course, there’s the nutritional component that plays a part as well. Limiting the foods that lead to inflammation (aka pain) in my body is another area requiring discernment. Rest, work, play… you name it.

It is ALL a part of the balancing act of living in a body. We find balance, we lose it, we gain it back, and we strive to maintain it. We teeter the edge, testing the limits, and maybe falling out a time or two. And when something new is added to our routine, we adjust and find balance anew. I think this ability to adapt is pretty cool. Don’t you?

Do you know what else is cool?

Beginning Sunday, January 5th, I will be teaching regularly from 11:30am – 12:45pm at Breathe Together. If you are in the South Bay, please come practice with me. We will work on finding our balance and much more.

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