Seventh Series and Beyond

It’s one thing to be dedicated to our daily practice when everything just clicks into place. But when life [sh!t] happens and get complicated, getting to the mat takes a little more work.

Without going into details, I’ll just say that I’ve been experiencing more than one of life’s challenges in the past month. Not only has it been tough getting my time to practice, it has also been emotionally challenging to simply BE on my mat. The practice has a way of pointing my emotional compass right to the emotional graveyard of my psyche. How’s that for Dristhi?


This week, I’ve managed to shift my schedule so that I arrive at the studio ahead of everyone else. I roll out my mat in a room barely lit by the lights from outside. The peaceful quiet is sweet.

With no time to dawdle, I move through my practice with purpose, pausing to find activation of the muscles which refuse to wake early. ALL of Me is required for the practice.

And when my time is up, I roll up my mat and get on with it. No complaints. It is what it is.

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