This is more of a placeholder than any sort of schedule. Five years have passed since completing my 200h portion of the teacher training. I have passed the Sanskrit and Anatomy written exams but have not yet completed my test-out class. Therefore, I am still not yet certified to teach yoga. I have been saying that “I am working on it” for entirely too long. My judgmental persona notes that is clear that I have not been focused on finishing the process. However, I have logged more than the required 500 hours of teacher training — primary in Ashtanga Yoga which is where my personal practice has been focused.

The reading, understanding, and memorizing continues. The more I learn, the more I discover that there is always more and more that I need to learn — in my spare time of course. Which I seem to have less and less of these days.

Although I often have felt in these past 5 years that the world doesn’t need yet another yoga teacher, a part of me knows that someday I will be called upon the teach what I have learned thus far. The intention that I set so long ago still stands. And I am reaching towards the heavens for a little help in finding the time, energy, and vision to see it through. I know in my heart that there was a reason I started down this path and that time will allow me to make it manifest into something great. Until then, I hold on to the idea that wisdom and spiritual enlightenment is truly closer than it currently appears. With this glimmer of hope, I move forward — sometimes crawling and sometimes running.  — Namaste

Reach to the heavens

Intention / Goal:

  • Allow my voice to be heard: restart practice sessions with willing yogis and wanna-be-yogis
  • Take a leap of faith: complete my Final Test Out
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