This is more of a placeholder than any sort of schedule. I’m not yet certified to teach yoga. However, I am working on it. I am currently enrolled in a 500 hour teacher training program and am more than half way complete with logging the hours. It’s the reading, understanding, and memorizing that needs to happen — in my spare time. Which I seem to have less and less of these days.

Rest assured, I have set an intention. And I am reaching towards the heavens for a little help in finding the time and energy to make it happen. Which any luck, I will gain the wisdom and will power to get ‘er done. Until then, I hold on to the idea that wisdom and spiritual enlightenment is truly closer than it currently appears. With this glimmer of hope, I move forward — sometimes crawling and sometimes running.  — Namaste

Reach to the heavens

Intention / Goal:

  • 100 hour yoga dynamics (teacher training): November 8 – 17, 2013
  • take the written tests for certification by end of 2013
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