Something to Embrace

They say that there is beauty lurking just under the surface of what appears to be nothing more than muddy waters. One need only turn to the lotus flower as it emerges from the mirky waters to appreciate this idea.

I am still in search of the beauty lurking beneath the painful insides and bulging exterior of my body.  As I enter into menopause, with my last lady’s holiday in November 2016, I notice that I am having a harder and harder time finding the good amid the bad. The only thing that I see emerging are pimples and an ever expanding waistline. All I feel is pain and immense stiffness.

Rolling out my mat for my daily yoga practice has never been more important. The practice does not make the pain completely go away. It does not melt away the extra pounds or clear the facial completion.

What is does do, is allow me to shift my attention on the areas that feels good, so that I am able to notice that the pain is not as widespread as it often feels.

It may not sound like much but it is. I am grateful that I have the practice. It’s something to embrace.

Therefore, I do just that.

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